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Good Morning & "Hello" from Chester

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Good Morning & "Hello" from Chester

Postby JedMc571 » 17 Sep 2017, 08:34

Good morning!

Took my time actually registering on here, but it's the start of "nesting" season for me as the nights draw in, and outside work becomes limited, and the interior jobs appear as if I never noticed them :eusa-doh:

I've been a "practical" woodworker since about 12 years old, when I built my first dog kennel from an old back gate, cut in half with my Dads old handsaw that hung outside in the toilet......YES! a toilet outside.
I ended up working as a motor spares partsman for the Lookers group after school, but was more interested in the hands on stuff at college, than the drudgery of handing a Montego service kit to someone.
From there, I ended up at Maine Rd MCFC where I worked as a Maintenance assistant, primarily as a painter, but with instruction from an old Army engineer who could fix anything.
His stories led me to my next chapter, and without looking back, I left Moss Side in Manchester at 19 and did 15 years as a Weapons Engineer in the RAF until 2005 when I was medically discharged.
Currently working as a Maintenace Engineer in one of the worlds largest fully Automated Warehouses based on the outskirts of Chester

I'm 46 now, and still enjoy working with my hands, I consider myself more of a practical woodworker, than a furniture guy? I've built a few pieces, but I'm more about stuff round the house, built ins, doors flooring, stairs, basically the stuff I don't trust others to do, and it costs less!

I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress, and woodwork is a good way of de-stressing, particularly after a bout of 12 hour shifts.
I probably, like most, spend longer organising my converted single garage to Workshop than anything else, but that's my "Haven" and I'm never disturbed, lock the wife and kids away in the house.
I've built quite a tool collection over the last 15 years, and I've amassed some nice Festool items, which I like to polish regular :lol:
I'm also a friend of TrimTheKing, who through an older forum met up with in Stockport in a "North West Woodies Bash" abut 10 years ago. Just for the record, he's not actually a King :eusa-shhh: although I know he's currently building his castle.

So that's me, I'm a busy person, but I hope in the coming winter months, I can look forward to killing some time on here with you all.


Jed (The Prince) :eusa-hand: Trimble!
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Re: Good Morning & "Hello" from Chester

Postby TrimTheKing » 17 Sep 2017, 08:52

Ahhh Jedediah, I wondered when you were going to put in an appearance after registering about a month ago...!

Welcome aboard (again) buddy and look forward to our manglings.


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Re: Good Morning & "Hello" from Chester

Postby Andyp » 17 Sep 2017, 09:04

JedMc571 wrote: he's not actually a King :eusa-shhh: although I know he's currently building his castle.

Ah, that would explain why it is taking so long. :D

Welcome aboard. You no doubt know we love photos around here so any of past or current projects or even your workspace will be will received.


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Re: Good Morning & "Hello" from Chester

Postby 9fingers » 17 Sep 2017, 11:11

Welcome Jed!
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Re: Good Morning & "Hello" from Chester

Postby Malc2098 » 17 Sep 2017, 17:09

Yo, from down in the south west!
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Re: Good Morning & "Hello" from Chester

Postby Newbie_Neil » 18 Sep 2017, 11:16

Welcome Jed, good to have you onboard.

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Re: Good Morning & "Hello" from Chester

Postby Tusses » 20 Sep 2017, 11:09

Howdy 8-)
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