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Hello from Berkshire

PostPosted: 08 Jul 2016, 18:44
by beech1948

I've been looking for a new UK woodwork forum for a few weeks so glad I found this one. I'm a now partially retired 68 yr old who has escaped the IT and Consulting madness and now focusses on coaching people to succeed.

I also do about 3 days a week working on a few commissions such as a recent kitchen island with a concrete top and some wooden and coloured art for clients walls.

Trying to retire but hated the idea so I filled the days with some odd ball earning potential to keep busy.

Busy reading the site now and look forward to joining in if I can add any value.

Re: Hello from Berkshire

PostPosted: 08 Jul 2016, 22:31
by Robert
Welcome to the forum :)

I retired as soon as I could! no desire to carry on working here.

As you've been reading here you may have already seen the moderated thing goes away after 3 posts.

Re: Hello from Berkshire

PostPosted: 09 Jul 2016, 07:56
by StevieB
Welcome from me too - we like pics of oddball builds :D

When I was 25 I aimed to retire at 60. Now I am over 40 and the goalposts have been moved by successive legislation I wonder if I will retire by 70!


Re: Hello from Berkshire

PostPosted: 09 Jul 2016, 09:05
by DaveL
Welcome to the forum.

I retired in January, just after my 61 birthday, I remember talking with the blokes I worked with when I was an apprentice, they thought I would be retiring at 55, some hope.

Re: Hello from Berkshire

PostPosted: 09 Jul 2016, 09:47
by RogerS
I don't think I'll ever retire - :(

Re: Hello from Berkshire

PostPosted: 09 Jul 2016, 10:11
by TrimTheKing
Welcome beech. Looking forward to seeing some of your work.

I'm only just 40 so loooooong way to retirement for me, unless I hit the jackpot! ☹️


Re: Hello from Berkshire

PostPosted: 09 Jul 2016, 10:20
by Rod
Welcome are you the Beech on the other forum


Re: Hello from Berkshire

PostPosted: 09 Jul 2016, 10:24
by Malc2098
Hi Beech,

Welcome. I retried in April, 48 years after I left school! I could do with some of that coaching once the Planning Permission comes through for my workshop!


Re: Hello from Berkshire

PostPosted: 11 Jul 2016, 13:55
by Wizard9999
Hi Beech

Glad you found us. Just over the county boundary in Hampshire, so not that far away.


Re: Hello from Berkshire

PostPosted: 19 Jul 2016, 20:03
by beech1948

I have been beech1948 on the other forum. I find its just about OK but a bit bland these days. Recently there has been a problem with their server so I can't log on or contact them. I just gave up out of frustration.

Someone mentioned coaching but I doubt that you would want to pay my fees...hehehehe! I'm mostly coaching newly appointed MDs/FDs/Engineer managers. Its quite good fun and a bit way out of the box as well as being quite innovative which suits me.

Latest project now completed was for a kitchen island made from trad m&t frames, veneered ply infill panels, slate top ( bought in). The only issue is the client wants a very particular padded panel made to prevent knees banging the island...she has asked for a PU board covered in foam and leather. Ugghh!

Still trying to persuad her to use ply instead.

best regards
PS Nice to see there are some pros close to me so an amateur can ask for help and guidance.