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New to the Forum.

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New to the Forum.

Postby Beartricks » 31 Jul 2016, 16:42

Hi from the Lancashire/Greater Manchester border.

I've been woodworking for just over a year, mostly turning but I occasionally get the handplanes and a board of something or other out on a rickety pair of sawhorses and attempt to push everything across the floor using the friction from a Stanley 4 1/2.

I'm unfortunately unemployed after I took a generous voluntary redundancy package and jumped from what turned out to be a quickly sinking ship. Probably the last bit of good judgement I can remember. So I'm woodworking on a budget at the moment with a fairly well stocked wood pile considering the speed I tend to work at.

I've just moved home, so the next order of business is to get a shed erected as cheaply as possible. All my tools are thankfully hidden among boxes and suitcases but as we slowly find a place for everything, I'm sure the lathe motor and bandsaw will become a bit more conspicuous in the middle of the dining room floor.

I've pottered around other forums, but someone pointed me this way as there seem to be a fair amount of well documented shed builds so I look forward to stealing as many ideas as I can.
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Re: New to the Forum.

Postby TrimTheKing » 31 Jul 2016, 18:52

Hi there mate, good to see another Northern lad joining the ranks! ;)

Once you've made 3 posts the approval process will stop and your posts will appear immediately.

Look forward to seeing your shed progress, I've been out in the garden today making some headway with mine. Update to follow later…

Don't forget to update your personal details so we know who you are (assuming you want to) and if you put your postcode in we can add you to the members map.

And the most import an of all rules, we love pictures!

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Re: New to the Forum.

Postby StevieB » 31 Jul 2016, 19:30

Hello, good evening and welcome!

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Re: New to the Forum.

Postby Malc2098 » 31 Jul 2016, 20:00

Good evening and welcome. I'm fairly new to the forum, too.

I've got just two weeks left for the PP to come through on my garden workshop and am using the time to model the construction drawings on Sketchup, (which gives me headaches at times!), but I find it useful to identify problems that an architect would be aware of in seconds.

I'm on a budget, too, and will be doing much myself, so we could learn from eachother as we go along. I've certainly learnt loads from the guys on this forum just by reading their posts - you know who you all are, thank you! :obscene-drinkingcheers:

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Re: New to the Forum.

Postby Andyp » 31 Jul 2016, 20:19

Welcome to the forum. Wigan is a good enough fix for the map and you have been added. We love pictures around here, a couple more posts and you will be able to share with us some of you old or current projects.


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Re: New to the Forum.

Postby DaveL » 31 Jul 2016, 22:35

Welcome to the forum. Remember we do like pictures.
My tool kit is almost complete, only a few more to get.
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Re: New to the Forum.

Postby Mike G » 31 Jul 2016, 23:41

Welcome Beartricks.
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