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The WoodHaven 2 - The Rules

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The WoodHaven 2 - The Rules

Postby TrimTheKing » 21 Jul 2014, 19:02

Tom originally set up TheWoodHaven with the ethos of being a family friendly forum, and we would like to continue this ethos. With that in mind we have a few rules, but where possible we want to keep these as minimal as possible and trust in your good nature to keep things sensible and within the boundaries of good taste.

All posts should be in a form acceptable to be read by minors and adults alike. Copyright restrictions of third party material should be respected and not be reproduced without permission.

New members are encouraged to complete some sections of their profile via the control panel and consider opting to receive email prompts of forum activity.

New members are requested to briefly introduce themselves and their particular interests in the welcome section.

The first three posts from new members will be manually moderated before appearing on the board which may take a little time until the next moderator logs in. They will also not be able to use the private messaging facility. Once three posts have been approved, these restrictions will be lifted.

Forum Rules

1. There shall be no discussion of matters of sexual, political, religious, spiritual or other non-secular beliefs or prejudices likely to offend others.

2. The content of links, uploaded photos and other files must conform to the forum rules and not contain offensive or pornographic material.

3. Constructive criticism of others work is to be encouraged but in a diplomatic manner. No personal slurs toward others will be tolerated. Deliberate trolling is forbidden.

4. Spam is universally hated on the Internet and this forum is no different. Measures are in place to reduce spamming of this forum. Repeat offenders will be banned.

5. Moderator’s actions are not to become the subject of forum discussion. Grievances should be taken up with one of the Moderation team via private mail.

6. Members are asked to identify their approximate location in their profile e.g. nearest town or first half of their postcode. This is to encourage practical help to be offered and requested. Detailed addresses, phone numbers etc should not be published for privacy and security reasons.

7. It is recognised that members may have commercial activities of interest to others. This can be mentioned in member’s profiles and referred to in postings where relevant. However use of the forum for blatant advertising is not allowed.

8. Endorsement of commercial services and products can be helpful to others and so is welcomed. The poster of such endorsements should have no commercial connection with the provider unless prior permission has been granted. However, promotion of and links to eBay auction items is universally banned.

9. The For Sale & Wanted boards are provided for members to post private For Sale, Wanted or Swap adverts for items related to wood or metalwork. Items for sale should have a specific asking price shown and not simply requesting offers. We are NOT operating an auction site here. One item (including bundled accessories) per topic. Originators of each topic must mark the topic title accordingly when the requirement has been met.
Negotiations on price and arrangements for delivery/collection must be made via PM.

10. Off –topic postings may still be of general interest to members and should be posted on the Woodmangler's Retreat board. When posting humourous items, remember that peoples sense of humour can vary widely and take care not to offend others.

11. It is appreciated that you may have your own woodwork related blogs and you are welcome to link to your personal (non commercial) space in your signature file that shows at the bottom of your messages.
Things you have written about on your blog may be interesting topics and you are welcome to copy the content to the forum as a new topic for discussion (one subject per post). What is not permitted is posting a topic with NO CONTENT other than a link to a blog post. If your blog contains the answer to a question in someone else's thread then a link is not a problem. It is only topics STARTED with nothing to see other than a link that we do not allow.
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