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How to customise your profile

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How to customise your profile

Postby 9fingers » 22 Jul 2014, 21:01

The forum software allows users to set options in their profile that can bring numerous benefits but sometime they take a little bit of effort finding. Here are a few that I find useful and if you find others why not add to the thread with your ideas?

Setting an avatar.
An avatar is a small graphic that comes up alongside your post. The forum supports pictures up to 90 x 90 pixels and a maximum data content of 6KiB.
Nearly every picture you might come across and want to use as your avatar are likely be significantly bigger. You can use either your favourite photo package or an online service to reduce the size. is one such online re-sizer.
Either choose a starting picture that is nominally square or one with content that tolerate being distorted when converting from rectangular to a square.
Once you have a .jpg file of the right size, then open the user control panel and tick the profile tab. Then click on edit Avatar. Click the browse button and navigate to your chosen picture, then click submit. Any size or format errors will give an error message otherwise your avatar will be displayed in the box and on all your posts.

Location information.
I find seeing roughly where members are located very useful indeed.
1. You can make note of members near you for possible future contact.
2. You can consider offering practical help to members if they are local to you and others may offer to help you.
3. If you are selling or wanting to buy items then location information can make all the difference on the viability of a proposition or alter the price you might offer.

Set your location, nearest town or first half of your postcode or similar as follows
Click on user control panel/profile/edit profile and enter your location in the location box.
Click on Submit and you are done.

Incidentally setting your location to "on another planet" or " in my chair" or similar might have a minuscule short lived humourous content but could soon start to annoy fellow members.

By default, you will get an email notification when someone send you a private message but for some reason the notification when someone replies to your post is not set.
To change this go to User control panel/board preferences/edit posting defaults and check the radio button “notify me upon replies by default”

On the way to making these changes you will have spotted other options which might be useful to you so feel free to try things. The software is pretty robust so you are not likely to break anything.

Hope this helps

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