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Wot Safety? Very entertaining.

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Wot Safety? Very entertaining.

Postby justaskin » 29 Jul 2015, 06:11

Take a look at this Utube site. I wouldn't attempt this without my steel and kevlar trout filleting glove on.
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Re: Wot Safety? Very entertaining.

Postby Commander » 30 Jul 2015, 12:34

Very impressive!
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Re: Wot Safety? Very entertaining.

Postby MCLUMA » 30 Jul 2015, 18:53

Awesome :eusa-clap:
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Re: Wot Safety? Very entertaining.

Postby TrimTheKing » 03 Aug 2015, 14:20

Seen that before, very clever. :eusa-clap:

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Re: Wot Safety? Very entertaining.

Postby Alex161 » 03 Sep 2015, 08:18

I also saw this some time ago and thought how clever it was. Don't think I will try it though as I would be sure to use up all the sticking plasters we have. Thanks for showing it though. :text-goodpost:
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