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Simple wireless remote control review

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Simple wireless remote control review

Postby chataigner » 30 Dec 2019, 19:10

Fed up with movement detectors for my outside lights (always turning on due to passing cats, movement of trees in the wind etc ) I decided to go for a wireless remote control. Very pleased with the results so I thought I'd share details with you.

The device I chose is called a "Donjon wireless remote switch" came from Amazon for the huge sum of 20€ in France just before Xmas.


It consists of a mains powered receiver unit and two key fob on/off controllers.
It works very well, even over considerable distances and through my 70cm thick stone walls. With the receiver safely in the barn out of the weather, I can still control the lights from inside the car at 50m+ distance from the house. Key fob controllers seem well made with nice positive action and with screws to open the case for battery changes. Too soon to comment on longevity.
A point to watch, the output is switched mains, that is to say, the relay connects the output to the supply for the unit internally, it is not a volt free contact.
Switch current is claimed to be 30A and it is true that there is a satisfying solid clunk from the relay, but the connections go via modest printed circuit tracks inside the unit, so I would hesitate to use the full 30A personally.
You can also add more controllers, the receiver unit "learns" the controller ID via a simple procedure. You push a button on the receiver to tell it to learn when the controller is operated. Works well. :D :D :D
Cheers !
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Re: Simple wireless remote control review

Postby 9fingers » 30 Dec 2019, 20:14

Looks a useful device but volt free contacts would have made it more versatile.
It would possibly respond to internal surgery but still might not comply to isolation standards.

UK amazon listing is £20 plus£5 postage so a good bit dearer than your cost.

I will mentally file this for the future.


EDIT: just found the same thing here for around a tenner posted from China if you can live with the delivery time. ... JQWsxV&s=p
Information on induction motors here ... sp=sharing
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Re: Simple wireless remote control review

Postby flying haggis » 10 Sep 2020, 20:34

a friend of mine has used similiar for ages to turn the lights on/off in the workshop, i think he has a multi output though(or two?)it means the workshop lights help on the walk to and from the shop at night/in winter etc
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Re: Simple wireless remote control review

Postby greeno » 11 Sep 2020, 11:31

We moved to philips hue for all our outdoor lights and it's absolutely brilliant. Simple app where you can manually control everything.

Loads of simple programming options, dusk till dawn etc. Movement sensors are battery powered so place anywhere and tie into any number of lights.

Plain white bulbs are only just over a tenner so pretty reasonable.
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