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LED Panels

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LED Panels

Postby Jimmy Mack » 12 Jun 2016, 19:34

Thought I'd start a new thread on these, hopefully in the right topic area...

I'd like to use LED IP rated batons for the 'shop lighting (if I have any budget left over!)...but recently I've started looking LED panels.. Essentially they are designed for upgrading tube light panels in offices and warehouses with grid system suspended ceilings. They come in a standard size of 600x600mm... but I quite like the idea of the 300x1200mm panel.

They do look like a neat solution and it is possible to buy (or perhaps make) surface mount boxes or even hang them from wires (dust though :? )

My question is has anyone installed them? ...and... What do they think?

I've read that it's best to keep the drivers separate as heat from these can damage the LED's

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Re: LED Panels

Postby Phil » 19 Jun 2016, 08:49

My very limited comment & knowledge - LED is the right route to go from a consumption point of view.

I have converted nearly all my workshop lamps to LED.

Sure Bob will be along with more guidance.

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Re: LED Panels

Postby 9fingers » 19 Jun 2016, 11:07

Sorry no experience here on LED work lighting. I've only used led strips in novelty applications such as my bookcases. My work lights are filament and fluorescent

You could say I'm more of a Luddite than a LEDlite :lol: :lol: :lol:

Information on induction motors here ... sp=sharing
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Re: LED Panels

Postby Tusses » 19 Jun 2016, 13:30

are there any strobing issues with LEDs ?

I use CF and bayonet fittings..

I tried LEDs a few years ago .. they didn't last, so I put it down to new tech ...
got a couple of the small flood lights with LED bulbs in that have lasted a few years now though.

My limited knowledge is they are not especially efficient, over CF and the light is very directional
which is how they advertise more lumins than is apparent in use.

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Re: LED Panels

Postby DaveL » 19 Jun 2016, 19:15

I now have replaced all of the florescent tubes in my shop with LED ones. The early type are directional but the latest version I bought from LED Hut has the same light pattern as the tube it replaced. I think they use about half the power for a similar light output. The best thing about them is the instant start on cold days, the florescent lights would take 10 minutes to get up to full brightness.
I did try some of the LED stick on strips but had lots of failures long the strip, they were ' cheap' eBay ones from China.
I have also a couple of small clip on LED lamps bought in Aldi, used as work lamps on the pillar drill and lathe that I am very pleased with.
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