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Diamond cutting discs - check often in use!

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Diamond cutting discs - check often in use!

Postby AJB Temple » 04 Feb 2024, 18:07

Currently laying black limestone. 900 by 600 slabs with ground backs. Stupidly heavy. It's an inch thick and most of the cuts I can do with a pro diamond blade on my wet table saw. However, there are some fiddly bits here and there that require a cutting disc on my small angle grinder. I prefer the small machine for this job as I can get the slab on the bench and do accurate cuts, even though I have to go from both sides.

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This diamond blade is 2 days old and hardly used really. I inspected it at the end of every cut as is my habit. A chunk of metal had flown out, and the blade cracked to the hole. Two holes to the left is another crack that is not easy to spot, with a much larger v shaped chunk ready to launch itself. Had that happened I think the entire blade may have fragmented.

I was wearing safety goggles inside a full air flow face mask, and good gloves, but the wedding tackle was not far off cutter height and unarmored :lol:

No harm done, but it just shows you cant afford to be casual with these tools. Limestone is softish as stone goes, but can have brittle bits. Surprised to get a disc failure though.
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Re: Diamond cutting discs - check often in use!

Postby Doug » 04 Feb 2024, 20:30

I wish mine were in that good a condition :?
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Re: Diamond cutting discs - check often in use!

Postby Blackswanwood » 04 Feb 2024, 21:28

I hope that graffiti isn't supposed to be your unarmored wedding tackle :lol:
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