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Guide to forum hosted picture posting

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Guide to forum hosted picture posting

Postby 9fingers » 26 Aug 2017, 22:14

Following on from the difficulty experienced by most Photobucket users, the forum is now able to host your photos for inclusion in your posts. In the forum view, pictures are displayed with a maximum width of 600 pixels. If you click on a picture that has been stored on the forum, the view will be expanded to a larger view and up to 2500 x 1500 pixels. The actual picture size you see will depend on your device you are using.

If you currently use 3rd party hosting for your photos you can continue as you are and ignore this section, or switch to uploading here if you wish.

How to use the new forum photo upload feature.

Start by opening a New Topic, Post Reply. Quote or a Private Message as appropriate to start composing your post.

During testing we have found that text entered during file upload tends to get lost so we recommend that you separate photo upload activity from text entry.

It needs to be said that we need your permission to publish your photos. By publish we mean show them to anyone looking at the forum. The copyright remains yours and we will never pass on or sell (yes I know..who would buy?) your pictures. By using the forums hosting facility we take it that permission is granted. Also because of copyright issues we have to say your own images only or with permission of the image owner for uploaded pictures.

Scroll down below the text input area and select the “Upload Picture” tab.

First screen shot highlight tab.jpg
(54.68 KiB)


Click on browse and navigate to your first photo file to upload and select to enter the file name. Normal photos taken on most cameras and phones will be of a suitable size to upload. Supersize panorama type images cannot be processed. See important notes below for images taken on Apple devices**.
Note that the only permissible files formats are .jpg, .png and .gif

If your operating system supports "Drag and Drop" file handling then you can drag photos and drop them onto the browse button instead.

You can now add an optional comment such as “my project overview” etc

upload2 highlight.jpg
(27.08 KiB)


Click on “Add this file” wait until the file has uploaded. Different operating systems and browsers might behave differently some showing a progress indicator others not.

When it has uploaded the page will refresh and the file name should appear below the box marked “ File Comment”. Because the page refreshes, do not type while your picture uploads. Any text added during the upload will be lost on page refresh.


(22.4 KiB)


If you want to upload another photo then click on “Upload Picture” and repeat until you have all the photos uploaded.

Note that they don’t have to be added in the order that you want to use them in the text. This is where adding notes or using meaningful file names can be useful.

You should now see the details of the uploaded pictures listed.

(53.16 KiB)


Now scroll up to the text box and start writing your text. When you are ready to insert a photo, add a return/newline and leave the cursor there.

Scroll down to the wanted photo file name and click on “Place inline”

You will see [ attachment=n]Filename.jpg[/ attachment] appear in the text box

Add another return and continue with adding text and more photos using the same method.


(43.98 KiB)


If when you have completed your post, there are photos you have decided not to use, click on “Delete file” to remove them.

As normal, you can use “preview” to see your post and check everything is looking as you want it.


(74.41 KiB)

If there are photos that you have uploaded and not used and not deleted either, these will appear at the bottom of the post with a white surround. Scroll to the attachments section and delete the offending photo(s).
Use preview again to check all is well.
When you are happy with the layout etc don’t forget to press “Submit” to send your post to the forum.

**Photos taken on Apple devices have an annoying habit of not rotating properly when viewed on non apple platforms.
For best results take all your photos in landscape view with the volume control button at the bottom of the camera. If you have photos that have been taken in other orientations, then try bringing them into iPhoto and uploading them to the forum from there.
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How it Works

Postby Robert » 27 Aug 2017, 10:46

Above is a detailed 'How To' for the forum picture hosting written by our Bob 9fingers that will tell you how to get pictures into your forum postings. I just wanted to give some information about how it works.

You upload a picture. The server will do different things depending on the pictures' size.

If it is a full size picture straight from your camera it will make the picture smaller. The new picture is created to fit within 2500 pixels width or 1500 pixels height - which is still pretty large. It adjusts the quality to make the file size sensible for loading the forum page quickly but it still looks good. When you view a page with one of these pictures in you will see the picture 600 pixels wide just the same as they have always been. Your browser/app will resize the larger picture to fit. Your original picture gets deleted to save server space.

The picture is clickable. When you click the picture it will expand to fill your browser window for a zoomed in view. The background switches to a 'lightbox' view to best present the picture. Click again and you are back to normal forum view.

Smaller pictures...Now it may be that you don't want people seeing your picture full screen. If that is the case you need to resize the picture before you upload. The server will not enlarge smaller pictures. You will still have the click to view larger if the picture is over 600 pixels wide.

If you currently use a 3rd party picture host and wish to continue that is fine. It will work exactly as before. Those hosts that give you a forum link that when you click takes you to their site will work as they always have. If like me you host pictures on personal web space or you use a host that lets you link straight to pictures you will have the 'lightbox' zoom in function too. The expanded view will show whatever size picture you have hosted up to the size of the browser window.

The new feature works on images in old threads if they are larger than 600 pixels and do not have a link to the picture hosts site included.
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