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Do any of our turners do this?

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Do any of our turners do this?

Postby droogs » 05 Sep 2020, 19:22

I am familiar with the idea of using a freezer for smoking and curing meat but never seen this before in relation to drying wood
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Re: Do any of our turners do this?

Postby DaveL » 05 Sep 2020, 19:42

He is just using the dead fridge or freezer as an insulated box. I have seen a number of different ideas for kilning blanks/bowls using homemade boxes.
I don't do it as I don't have a ready supply of green timber or the space for a kiln.
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Re: Do any of our turners do this?

Postby Malc2098 » 05 Sep 2020, 19:47

No, but luthiers are known to thermally age tonewoods.
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Re: Do any of our turners do this?

Postby Woodbloke » 06 Sep 2020, 08:11

When we were in NZ a couple of years ago, SWIMBO and I spent some time on the Kauri Coast on North Island and called into see Rick Taylor. He has three :shock: shipping containers full of ancient kauri blanks and he seasons them in an insulated freezer cabinet; then he uses a de-humidifier inside the container to suck out the moisture.

He made me a very deep bowl from green ancient kauri, see the clip at 39-40 seconds in - Rob
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