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Finger licking chicken

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Finger licking chicken

Postby Dalboy » 12 Sep 2016, 21:32

Not wanting to hi-jack Andy's post this is the piece I am working on at the moment it is all beech but I will be using coloured stains to complete it


Don't know why the picture is on it's side
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Re: Finger licking chicken

Postby DaveL » 12 Sep 2016, 22:21

Well it's the right way up to me. Looks good, I look forward to seeing it once you have coloured it.
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Re: Finger licking chicken

Postby Andyp » 13 Sep 2016, 08:17

While doing the Africa map I was considering painting each country a different colour but reckoned it would have taken too long. I also though about gluing a different veneer to each one as I have just been given a large 30+ sample pack from Art Veneers but again I hesitated on the difficult of trimming them to shape.

Your cock looks very fine.


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Re: Finger licking chicken

Postby Phil » 17 Sep 2016, 17:26

That will realy look good when painted.

Andyp wrote:
Your cock looks very fine.

Unless you are very close friends, that might just be getting a bit personal. :lol:
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