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A VERY long term project - at last a progress report !

This is where we don't want anything but evidence of your finest wood butchering in all its glorious, and photograph laden glory. Bring your finished products or WIP's, we love them all, so long as there's pictures, and plenty of 'em!

Re: A VERY long term project - at last a progress report !

Postby SamQ aka Ah! Q! » 30 Nov 2019, 20:44

JFDI Roger and if any jobsworth want paperwork get a spark to sign it off.

Agreed. And, that is being kind to the average "jobsworth"...I find a long, steady, unthreatening, but unwavering, look and the word "Really?" in a LONG drawl can yield surprising results. As does a prolonged silent stare....Me? scary? Brouhahahahaha....210lbs of fighting fat, I'm just a big cuddly....

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Re: A VERY long term project - at last a progress report !

Postby chataigner » 31 Dec 2019, 18:57

The next window - ground floor street frontage - takes shape.
Had a rush of blood to the head and bought the oak to make the last two windows and the new front door. The first of the windows is now taking shape in the workshop.

Here is the fixed part of the frame and the first bits of the opening lights - the second part of one of the opening lights can be seen in glue up on the bench. The gaps around the opening lights always look frightening at this stage, but I use the AQ21 wiping seals and they need an absolute min of 4mm, 7.5mm max, so I go for 5-6mm. With three seals in the width, that comes to quite a big gap !


Hope to be ready to install it next week, but finish takes a while, especially with slow drying in cold weather.
Cheers !
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