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Oak fire place / mantle

This is where we don't want anything but evidence of your finest wood butchering in all its glorious, and photograph laden glory. Bring your finished products or WIP's, we love them all, so long as there's pictures, and plenty of 'em!

Oak fire place / mantle

Postby DaveL » 17 Sep 2014, 18:31

This is another old project, posted before.
Our living room had a gas fire on the chimney breast, we never used it and when we had a new boiler fitted, it was pulled off the wall as the old back boiler was hiding behind it.
We were left with a bit of ply stuck over the hole to stop the draft. It was decided that a small wood burner should be installed, the LOML often feels cold so it was an easy decision.
I bought a small unit on ebay, that was the easy part. When the plumber replaced the central heating he left the old pipework and pump in the wall. When I started on the wall I found the side of the opening had been knocked out, the pump put in place and the brick work roughly replaced.
I needed to open the hole out and found that the old boiler had been sitting on the bricks from a storage heater, cemented in with a very strong mix.
Here is the new wood burner on a small set of wheels for easy movement in the opened out hole, along with a few sample tiles for the hearth.
ImageBabergh-20120926-00087 by DaveL_, on Flickr
I cut away the laminate floor and fitted an oak frame to the floor, this retained the self levelling compound, ready for the tiles.
ImageBabergh-20121003-00092 by DaveL_, on Flickr
So on to the wood work.
ImageBabergh-20121026-00110 by DaveL_, on Flickr
A new blade from Tuff Saws made sort work of the 4" oak for the corbel
ImageBabergh-20121026-00111 by DaveL_, on Flickr
I then had to buy a new tool, a bobbin sander.
ImageBabergh-20121030-00121 by DaveL_, on Flickr
Then over to the router table to add a bead detail down the side.
ImageBabergh-20121104-00124 by DaveL_, on Flickr
It was at this point I was over ruled and instead of cutting a second corbel, I cut that one down the middle, here are most of the parts laid out for approval before I continued with the job.
ImageBabergh-20121104-00126 by DaveL_, on Flickr
The tiles went up the wall, while Jones our grand old ginger cat made use of the test burning of the new stove, note the oak acclimatising.
ImageBabergh-20121104-00127 by DaveL_, on Flickr
Almost ready for the fitting to the wall.
ImageBabergh-20121216-00143 by DaveL_, on Flickr
Frame up, held with mirror plates.
ImageBabergh-20121224-00144 by DaveL_, on Flickr
And on with the shelf.
ImageBabergh-20121224-00146 by DaveL_, on Flickr
Just in time for Christmas 2012.
Here is Hector our sons dog showing how a wood burner should be used if your a dog on Boxing day.
ImageBabergh-20121226-00001 by DaveL_, on Flickr

I had a local firm install a new stainless steel flue liner in place of the old gas liner as the flue gasses from burning wood eat the gas class liner away.

The oak came from a farm just over the river from us in Essex, organised by Mike.
My tool kit is almost complete, only a few more to get.
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