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Osmo oil

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Osmo oil

Postby Lurker » 14 Jan 2024, 15:17

Can I assume that Osmo is very susceptible to skinning over in the can?
As a matter of interest what are the solvents in it?
I purposely bought it in a tin bottle rather than the usual “ paint “ can thinking that it would be less likely to go off.
Just checked it , because someone asked my advice after loosing a near full litre can.
Mine hasn’t totally hardened but suspect it’s pretty much unusable. :cry:
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Re: Osmo oil

Postby RogerM » 14 Jan 2024, 19:29

Lurker - I think for all practical purposes the solvent is white spirit. If the skin is not VERY thick, say 5mm+, and so long as the remaining oil is not too syrupy, I have found that you can simply dilute it with white spirit. I cut out the "skin" in one piece, put it to one side, dilute as necessary and then replace the skin to seal the surface again when I've finished. I think Osmo say that the fresh product can be thinned with up to 10% white spirit for the initial coat. I've never had a problem using it in this way, and it's "too spendy" to waste!

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Re: Osmo oil

Postby Mike G » 14 Jan 2024, 19:35

Lurker wrote:......Mine hasn’t totally hardened but suspect it’s pretty much unusable. :cry:

I think that Osmo in any condition at all is pretty much unusable..... :lol: Apologies to Osmo-adherents. It's just not my favourite stuff. For what it's worth, I kept having this problem with a big tin of the stuff, so diluted the remainder 50/50 with white spirit to use in my usual oil/ varnish/ thinner rubbing-varnish finish. It lasted virtually forever like that.
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Re: Osmo oil

Postby Doug » 14 Jan 2024, 21:15

I find all the brands of oil I buy tend to go off fairly quickly especially rapidly after I’ve used over half a tin & there’s a large volume of air in the tin.
Funnily enough I’ve just come in from the workshop after filling 3 Stop Loss Bags for storing finishes, I first saw them up at the Harrogate show & recently bought a pack of 4 to make up an order, these are they.

(240.34 KiB)

I didn’t buy the kit just the 4 bags obviously I don’t know yet how much better they will work but the ability to remove virtually all the air must help & they work out at just over £3.50 each so in comparison to the price of oil well worth a punt. The blurb that comes with them says they are reusable, time will tell but if they are they will be a bargain.
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