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Orange peel

Help with choosing the right coloured milkpaint to slather all over your new project.

Orange peel

Postby Phil » 16 Aug 2020, 13:41

Interresting read, wish I knew all this when I sparayed all those cupboard doors. ... =hs_email#
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Re: Orange peel

Postby Robert » 16 Aug 2020, 16:28

That is quite a good article. Boils down to thinning the paint just enough which to me comes down to trial and error and experience.

It mentions warming the paint up which I can't see being practical for conventional spray. Once the HVLP turbine has warmed up my Fuji sprays with quite warm air and I can get away with slightly thicker paint because of it.
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Re: Orange peel

Postby droogs » 16 Aug 2020, 22:48

I always use a viscosity cup to get the right runniness, after I have given it a proper mixing of at least 4-5 minutes and passed it through a paint sieve. those 3 steps make the world of a difference for me
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