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Sandtex Replacement

Help with choosing the right coloured milkpaint to slather all over your new project.

Sandtex Replacement

Postby tabs » 31 Aug 2018, 12:14

I know this isn't wood related but its finishing of a sort so apologies if I should have posted it somewhere else.

Its time to repaint the exterior of the house, which is rendered. I have previously used various shades of cream Sandtex Masonary paint but was wondering if there was anything that went on a bit thicker and was more elastic thus providing less likelyhood of microcracks appearing. I know MikeG has mentioned Bedec Barn paint for exterior woodwork and have read it can be used on other surfaces but has anyone had any experince with Bedec on render? Any other recommendations would be appreciated. I'm intending to use a very light cream/slightly off white paint.


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