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Alma Deutscher

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Alma Deutscher

Postby RogerS » 16 Nov 2015, 23:06

She is ten years old. She composed this violin concerto.

Not everybody loves a precociously gifted child. So it’s no surprise that Alma Deutscher has been dubbed “Little Miss Mozart” by some unkind souls in the classical music world. The irony is that this is a pretty accurate assessment of her talents.
Ten years old, she has already written a violin concerto, half a piano concerto, sonatas, a full-length opera . . . oh, and a novel about terrifying creatures who fly through the night on horses and “suck time out of the universe”. For that she is also composing the background music. She is bilingual in Hebrew and English, and learning German.
However, this is less than half the story. Her piano playing is already up to conservatoire standard and her violin playing far above that. The YouTube clip of her performing her own violin concerto is an internet sensation and her YouTube channel has had 200,000 hits. “Simply mindblowing,” Stephen Fry tweeted after watching it.
And she’s British! She lives in a house stuffed full of musical instruments in Dorking, Surrey. That’s the good news. The bad news is that her parents — an Israeli linguist father and an English mother who was an organ scholar at Oxford — are thinking of emigrating to Berlin. Is it legal to slap an export ban on a child?
Alma, who was born with perfect pitch, began studying the piano when she was two. On her third birthday she was given a miniature violin. Her progress on both instruments was mercurial, but it was her composing — which started at four — that marked her out as something astonishing.
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