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eBay - login twice to PayPal bug

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eBay - login twice to PayPal bug

Postby RogerS » 02 Dec 2015, 18:57

Anyone else getting this?

You go to the order confirmation page and get asked to choose a payment method - PayPal or Credit Card. You choose PayPal and eBay then asks you to log into PayPal, and if, like me you have the second level security key implemented, you get a 6-digit number texted to your mobile, you enter that as well.

Then you get through to PayPal and get asked to log in all over again. And enter another 6-digit number.

It doesn't matter if you have your accounts linked or not. It happens every time. Nothing to do with cache or cookies.

It's that second security level. eBay broke it when they split from PayPal. If you disable this second level (why would you want to do that?) and link the accounts then you never have to log in at all...but Activate the Security Key and bingo.

eBay know about this and yet have not told their customer support and so you can waste a couple of hours going round and round in circles with them. One customer support rep even tried to tell me that it was 'your bank that has requested this extra level of log on' couldn't make it up.

So, if you are logging in twice and don't want to do so then the answer is to switch off that security key sent to your phone. And, of course leave yourself open to possible fraud in the future.
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