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Watch out as to which number you dial...

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Watch out as to which number you dial...

Postby RogerS » 15 Dec 2018, 08:12

Got a text from Vodafone yesterday. "Your monthly bill is a lot higher than normal...would you like to etc ..."

So go see how much it is..should be around the £25-28 mark. How much ? :o £83 ! What the hell's going on? Check and see I've got £53 of calls outside plan. Turned out that all those support calls to Zen tech support had been made using an 0845 number. Not the usual 01706 number and in my plan.

Looking further I found that my phone contacts have two 'folders' - Phone (where the 01706 number was stored) and Google (where a couple of 0845 numbers were stored). Guess which one I'd called. Now I have no recollection of ever using either of those 0845 numbers or how they got there.

So be warned !
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