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Latest Vodafone Rip-Off

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Latest Vodafone Rip-Off

Postby RogerS » 07 Mar 2020, 19:27

They default your Mobile Hotspot usage to 50 MB each time you turn it on regardless of you using say hardly any data. I've been having to use my phone as a mobile hotspot since the landline cable feeding all our houses was chopped in half. I was turning it off when not in use.
I checked my usage and discovered that I'd been haemorrhaging data. In 50Mb chunks.

So I contacted Vodafone...caught with their pants down..."I've corrected the fault. You won't get it again". I asked what had he done. Evasive. More detailed and very specific questions. Just blanked and wouldn't answer.

B astards. Can't wait for my contract to end.
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