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It never rains but ....

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It never rains but ....

Postby RogerS » 10 May 2020, 14:18

..if you thought I was having grief with the sale of my mothers' flat.

Well, SWMBO had Power of Attorney over her late mothers' financial affairs. Her mothers' flat was already on the market to pay for her care and a price agreed with a buyer. Contracts not exchanged though. Due to insufficient funds, SWMBO had to take out a DPA (deferred payment agreement) with the local council. They, in turn, put a legal charge on the flat. All par for the course.

Then her mother died. The Power of Attorney then ceased to exist. SWMBO cannot do probate without the original will. The solicitors who held the will were taken over. All such things as wills were taken to a central site. They can't find it. Or they don't have the staff, due to lockdown, to have a better look. Without probate the flat can't be sold. Without probate the DPA can't be paid back and the legal charge removed.

The care home are disagreeing with the council regarding the care costs to date. Guess who is Piggy-in-the-Middle ?

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