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An opportunity for some?

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An opportunity for some?

Postby droogs » 17 Oct 2020, 08:42

Not sure if we are allowed or not to let people know about this kinda thing. MODS feel free to get rid if not:

For any of the metal bashers or makers among us, a liquidation auction that ends on monday: ... 403?page=0
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Re: An opportunity for some?

Postby clogs » 17 Oct 2020, 16:49

thanks for that.....
I tried to buy from them and others like it in the past......

even if u have ur own lorry mounted crane u cant use it to load ur stuff.....
also they make it quite diff to collect stuff as well.......

it's just another money making racket on top of the fee's....
In the end I just walked away......

be careful out there....
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