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Might be useful

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Might be useful

Postby techauthorbob » 18 Jan 2018, 16:25

Hi All,
I have just added details of a simple waste oil stove that I did as a test years ago to my blog for another site to look at.

It was rough and ready but it worked well.

Might be useful for a workshop, costs nothing to run!

If you want to look go here:
https://techauthorbobs-projects.000webh ... /what-i-do

Also, I saw some info about using sawdust in a potbelly type stove that I tried, that works too.

You need a cardboard tube 3" or so diameter ( carpet tube) and just long enough to fit vertically in the stove. Position it in the centre and pack round with sawdust.
I found thar a gap at the bottom was needed so I crumpled up paper to stand the tube on, give an air gap and make lighting easier.

This burned slowly but gave off a reasonable bit of heat, OK to leave overnight for a warm morning. I might have packed mine too much.

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