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Electrical Regs - 18th edition

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Electrical Regs - 18th edition

Postby RogerS » 12 Sep 2018, 11:35

Just a heads up to anyone mid-project or thinking about starting one but these new Regs aka more-BS come into force in Jan 2019. I've not needed to read them but my sparkie wants to do the tests on our place before that date as one of the changes is to mandate using meta fastenings for cables ...or some such nonsense. I can appreciate the need for metal fastening of cables over doorways in case of fire and safety of firefighters etc but ....

Anyway, just a heads up to check with your tame sparkie.
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Re: Electrical Regs - 18th edition

Postby HappyHacker » 12 Sep 2018, 15:22

The usual requirement for wiring regulations is that if the design is done before the implementation date to the existing regulations then the installation can be done to the existing design/regulations even if it is done after the implementation date of the new regulations. It is however considered good practice to design to the new regulations if they are know when the design is done which is not always possible on large installations.

The requirement to have fixings to stop cables hanging down in the event of a fire for fire escapes, which was very poorly defined especially for domestic premises, has been in existence from the 17th edition. However the problem is that if the fixing has melted and the cable is hanging down it is only likely to hinder firemen(& women) who will be using breathing apparatus and if they are searching for people then they will not be restricted to fire escapes. The 18th has addressed this to reduce the risk by extending it to all areas. I have not had time to read my copy of the 18th yet as I am semi retired, so I am going on updates I have received. There have been a number of fatalities of firemen caught in dropped cables and unable to escape. It is debatable if plastic plugs are sufficiently heat proof when fitted to plasterboard or concrete to stop metal fittings from falling off so I use metal plugs but it is probably overkill. Cables above the ceiling should not drop unless it is some sort of false ceiling.

I recently saw a new emergency lighting installation in plastic conduit along a fire escape corridor fitted with plastic cleats. So the 17th edition requirement has not got through to some installer even now.
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