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Reminder: look after those saw blades

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Reminder: look after those saw blades

Postby 9fingers » 12 Mar 2019, 15:31

It's been ages since I swapped over my general purpose table saw blade. It comes out to fit other specialist blades quite often but back it goes without much thought.
Normally my saw is set up such that I rarely need to do any planing and a light sand and wood is ready for finish but just lately I noticed a few saw marks and gave the blade a good check over.
Poor thing has shed a tooth and so I fitted my ready ground spare and the difference was incredible. So much quieter and lovely finish again.

I gave my saw doctor a ring and £3 to fit a new tooth and £8 to give it an all over grind (34 tooth). £11 plus vat to return it to full health and ready for service again.

Moral of the story? Well worth giving your blades a quick once over every now and then.

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Re: Reminder: look after those saw blades

Postby Andyp » 12 Mar 2019, 17:49

I guess it is bit like spongy brakes. One doesn't know quite how bad they are until they are adjusted.
The noise from my TS got so bad a few years back that I thought the bearings had gone. A bit of TLC and a new blade and it was whisper quite again.


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Re: Reminder: look after those saw blades

Postby Woodbloke » 13 Mar 2019, 13:28

I haven't changed the blade on my Bosch hand held circularsaur since I had it from new years ago :( ; I accidentally clipped a screw yesterday but fortunately did't loose a toof. Luckily I've got a spare so I'll stick that on and organise getting the original sharpened - Rob
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Re: Reminder: look after those saw blades

Postby SamQ aka Ah! Q! » 13 Mar 2019, 23:42

Years ago, I propped an 8x4 against a low wall and took a longitudinal cut along it. Thought I'd made sure the cut cleared the end of the wall...did it hell!! Lost three out of 25 rip teeth...and about a quarter of a brick...shrapnel was something else. "Doh" does NOT begin to cover it. :shock:

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