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A Few Recent SketchUp Scribbles

Imagine that table with a thick table cloth coming to the floor and a source of heat on the floor, originally charcoal, now electrical. You would sit at the table with your coat on and your legs under the table cloth to warm them.

In the winter I have walked past old stone houses with the front door open as it's warmer outside than inside.
The family is all sitting around the table to get warm


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A universal joint from dimensioned drawings in a textbook published in 1905.

3D printed from the SketchUp model.

The srews that hold it together modeled from the specifications given in the dimensioned drawing.

Another thing I modeled in SketchUp for 3D printing. A hook for a wheelchair lift. I traced the part of the lift the hook parts have to fit, imported the scanned drawing into SU and used it as a reference for model the part.

And the hooks installed. Perfect fit first try. The Philips head screws were replaced with screws to match the lift and the white foam was replaced by more suitable black foam.
Thank you gentlemen.

Dave, the .stl file is not posted anywhere. I didn't keep it after printing.

ETA: here are the meshes before .stl triangulation.

Andy, fortunately if you look closely it becomes obvious it's not a photograph. I'm not thrilled with the idea of AI being able to generate images that can be mistaken for real photographs even with close inspection.
Andyp":3m8rrwl1 said:
Dave, I have looked as close as I can, what am I missing?

Andy, I see it is places like the front edges of the seats on the left hand benches and the legs of the third and fourth benches on the left. The wall on the right side is a little off although hard to describe why. It's subtle but it's there.
Well, it's been a while since I shared anything so here are a few different things done with SketchUp.

First, a heel strap assembly for a wheelchair. It helps to keep the user's feet on the footplate. The strap is HTD8M belting. The clips are 3D printed.

Heel strap hook HTD8M
Real prototype.
Prototype installed but not trimmed to length. Ignore the dog hair.
Heel strap

A neat little vise.
Tiny Vise 1
Tiny Vise 2

A beam compass.
Beam Compass

A micrometer attributed to James Watt and dated to about 1775.

There's some woodworking related stuff coming but I need to be cleared by the client before I can share it.