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Personal protective Equipment (PPE)

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Personal protective Equipment (PPE)

Postby CHJ » 11 Dec 2021, 12:34

I posted this in the turning section today but I feel the remarks are just as relevant to all who use rotating wood working machinery.

“As we are coming up to one of the most festive seasons in the UK calendar may I make a plea to all wood manglers, please wear adequate face protection.
Dust is dangerous, high impact small debris is dangerous, high impact larger objects can be life changers and even killers.

The wood turning community around the world has lost too many very talented people by being smashed in the face by a beautiful piece of wood that has decided to leave the chuck, and these are only the ones we know about and receive publicity because of their public profiles.
Demonstrators, I know it’s inconvenient, I know it’s difficult to communicate when using PPE but you are the ones that the new hobbyist is seeing as an example of good practice.
Too many times I hear hobbyists say PPE is so expensive and ‘Insert Prominent Demonstrator’ does not bother.”

The following was aimed at turners but just as relevant to any work involving high speed rotating cutters.

“To all Turners:-
Please wear ADEQUATE DUST MASKS and just as important an ADEQUATE IMPACT RESITANT FACE SHIELD when using the Lathe.
The former will help prevent lung damage, severe allergy or life limiting illness down the line, the latter may just instantly save your life.”
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