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Removable bandsaw extraction port

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Removable bandsaw extraction port

Postby Chris101 » 09 Apr 2021, 20:18

I recently built a sound reducing box for my vac and added a cyclone, a remote for the power on and a 5m hose which gets everywhere with ease in my shed. I've also added 2"pipe extraction to my limited amount of machines so it's all universal. Happy days. I've been feeling smug.
I had one nagging doubt. My much treasured Inca bandsaw. I'd already bodged a dust collectionist sort of solution that fitted the old vac port but that wasn't 2" and it was cr*p anyway...
For some reason the bottom inch of the removable side of my saw is Just A Big Gap. Possibly to allow dust to escape so it doesn't clog the internals? I have no idea. :|

Either way far from efficient. I kept looking at it hoping a solution would pop into my tiny grey matter. Like a song you can't quite remember the tune to but your brain wants you to sing it anyway, ideas sometimes dance around the edges of our heads until they are ready to emerge.
This was one of those times. So I hung tight for a bit and sure enough today, while doing summat else the light went on...
Steve Maskery did a post a while back about his solution to this (obviously on a grown up's saw) and I could see the value but I didn't want to limit my ability to tilt the table (on the rare ocassion). I even bought a neat little printed plastic system from a guy on UkW and never fitted it for the same reason. It's a great idea but needs you to cut a hole in the side and limits the table tilting. I hung back in the end and never fitted it.

So after all that jabber.... (sorry) here is what is ultimately a 10 minute fix. All with gear I had in the shed. The nozzle from my old vac, 2" pipe, some old pipe collars from plumbing in the kitchen, some plastic cement. I'm a beginner, I know that. ;) But this might help even one person out so I'll post pics just in case.

The table came with the saw. I added a couple of pads of mdf for somewhere to fix the pipe.
(203.4 KiB)

Dunno why the pic is sideways but you can see the old port, the gap at the bottom of the Inca and the new pipe in place.
(261 KiB)

With the ebay zero clearance insert ( :eusa-clap: ) removed you can just see the mouth of the cut down vac hose at the right place at the right time. I cut a few bits of MDF and a tiny off cut of cedar (for the smell. Its all scientific process here baby.) And I couldn't see/smell any dust escaping. Ok I'm sure there is at some micron level for the dust fanatics but to all intents and purposes, it works.

The only reason I post is to show this.
Note it's backed with another off cut and plastic cement etc. I also countersunk it for the screwhead to allow free movement.
(207.53 KiB)

It holds the extraction pipe but is flexible enough to move out of the way when needed.
(219.12 KiB)

Maybe it helps someone.
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