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CNC wood turning advice wanted.

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CNC wood turning advice wanted.

Postby Peri » 07 May 2022, 16:29

A few years back I made a couple of chess sets on the cnc machine at work, out of aluminium.

I'm thinking of having a go at making some wooden sets to go with the boards I make - probably maple, walnut, possibly rosewood.

The only tooling we use is carbide, and the smallest r/h knife tool I have has VNMG style tips with 0.4mm tip radius

07-05-22 16-19-04.jpg
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The lathe will spin up to about 3500rpm.

Any ideas on the best way to approach this? Ultra shallow cuts and massive rpm? Grind some HSS? Don't try? :D

This is the one I made in ali. It'll need some redesigning for wood, especially the king.
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