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Satellite and their algorithms are getting very, very good.

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Satellite and their algorithms are getting very, very good.

Postby RogerS » 20 May 2022, 17:13

I was looking at our house on the excellent MAGIC Defra website and suddenly noticed that the resolution of objects on our land and house is now amazing. What is also intriguing is that some objects are there while others, that you would expect to see, are not.

WH magic view.png
(346.77 KiB)

For instance that small indent (red arrow) is only about 1m.

The blue arrow is pointing at a ditch...usually overgrown but I did strim it back late last year and so that has to have been when the satellite took the image. The ditch is not even a meter wide !

It did get somethings wrong. For example, the green arrow is suggesting a wall with a gap. That doesn't exist was about the time when our waller was rebuilding one of the dry stone walls and so just possibly it looked at his stones lying on the ground and extrapolated a wall.

But the really amazing object is the one with the orange arrow because that is only an electric tape fence. It is also that peculiar shape as well.

It didn't detect the raised beds in the front of the house but did the nursery bed at the read. Or possibly the wire fence round the beds. :shock: It missed the polytunnel.
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