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A pair of box's

This is where we don't want anything but evidence of your finest wood butchering in all its glorious, and photograph laden glory. Bring your finished products or WIP's, we love them all, so long as there's pictures, and plenty of 'em!

A pair of box's

Postby fiveeyes » 14 Oct 2021, 15:12

fitted and glued
(315.41 KiB)
bead was hand fitted using chisel's, and a guide block...satisfying
(263.37 KiB)
(233.48 KiB)
having decided on size and shape, and made 4 sides, I wanted a drawer. I used a multi-tool to cut out the drawer face. I did not get the 1mm gap as intended, so had to get the opening squared up.
(271.55 KiB)

The order is reversed obviously. how to fix that will be helpful. tia mor later
to get the drawer to fit as I wanted..I made cock bead. ripped stock to size, and rounded over 1 edge,using the notch you see in the re-cip saw blade.
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Re: A pair of box's

Postby 9fingers » 14 Oct 2021, 19:18

Putting the correct photo with the matching text is a matter of placing the cursor in you text where you want the photo and then select the photo and hit "place in line"

Make sure you place all the photos that you have uploaded other wise the unplaced ones pile up at the bottom of the post bordered by dotted lines.

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Re: A pair of box's

Postby Cabinetman » 14 Oct 2021, 20:02

And if you’re as hopeless at it as I am, select your photos in reverse order to start with then they will be the right way round to put them in your amongst your text, or name the photos otherwise you just get a line of numbers that relate to the photo but don’t tell you what the photo shows! :lol:
I think the bead around the drawer is a really nice touch, good proportions as well.
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Re: A pair of box's

Postby fiveeyes » 23 Oct 2021, 13:58

this shows assembly, and fitting the tray, and drawer..drawer has temporary 'pulls' it was a 'piston fit'
(285.16 KiB)
frame assembly..feet in 'clamps'
(307.06 KiB)
this is how I made the feet for the base, small parts need a handle, so, make a blank..bevel the ends on opposite one ends up with lefts, and rights..attach the template, bandsaw to rough,finish on router table. then saw off the four corners(feet)..assemble, and glue to the base frame
(233.82 KiB)
A few more...
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